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Commitment is more than 'What a good idea, let's do it'. To develop a system that works you will need time, money, resources, responsibility and employee training. The policy is the driver behind what you want to achieve and demonstrates to others, both inside and outside, your organisation that you have the willingness to change.


Check- What of the following do you have?

  • Dedicated budget - there may be some costs involved
  • Time - you will need dedicated time to work on your system
  • Responsibilities - you wont be able to delegate everything to others
  • Training - employees will need some training
  • Responses - senior management will need to respond to your needs and findings
  • Communication - across the organisation so everyone knows what and why
  • Participation - actively encourage involvement of others

You will need to work out how commited the organisation is and how much senior management are prepared to invest. This will help you to determine the scale of what you can realistically achieve. It is better to attempt the achievable and build on the successes than to loose incentive through constraints that are out of your control.


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