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Sustainable Food Guide
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Now you have a Sustainable Food Policy, you need to circulate it. Tell other stakeholders what you are doing. You may be able to gain some publicity along the way.

Who do you want to actively approach and send a copy of your policy?
Consider ways of making your policy known: e.g local press, trade or other publications, back of your menu.

Look at the following list and identify:

  • Who do you want to read your policy?
  • Why will they be interested?
  • What else may they want to know?

This informaton will help you write appropriate letters to send out with your policy. This list will give you a start - add your own contacts, and keep it as a distribution record for your system.

Who to distribute to
Local residents
Local Authority
Public library
Other local businesses
Trade Associations
Trade Unions
Pressure groups
Local press
Trade journals
Chamber of Commerce

Why interested
Contact Details

You may want to involve more of these in what you are doing.

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