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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Food Chain...

Where are you in the food chain? Examples outlined

Manager (4) Skilled Employee (3)  Supervised employee (2)
(farm, horticulture)
Responsible for purchases Herd person Farmworker
(here there and everywhere)
Organise journeys Head Maintenance Driver
Processing & Production
(food factories)
Manage workforce Supervisor Packer
(supermarkets, shops)
Determine markets Team Leader Stacker
(restaurants, bars)
Hotelier Head Waitress Waiter

But don’t forget jobs like..

Skilled Skilled
Pharmacist Drugs to tackle food-related ill-health, e.g.obesity food poisoning Advice to people on diet when at the pharmacy
Health Promotion specialist Running a weight-loss programme Running a Helpline
Nurse Giving advice to people on the wards Training to become a health educator


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