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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Sustainable Food Guide

The idea for this online Sustaianble Food Guide came from the moves the UK government is making to encourage the public sector to use its buying power to influence food provision in hospitals, local authorities, ambulance stations, etc.

We thought this is an ideal opportunity for people to learn more about the food we eat. This learning could be both educational - improving knowledge and understanding of the issues involved, and vocational - by doing things at work.

The SF Guide:

  • Explores the main issues concerning food
  • Uses interactive web-based links
  • Spells out relevant laws, codes or standards
  • Points to many other sources to provide more support.
  • Outlines a simple quality system to plan and promote more sustainable food.
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We try to link the educational and vocational aspects through the "Plan" for each issue, linking with the "Policy" and "Target" elements of the quality system. The aim is to turn learning and awareness in action to bring improvements.

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