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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Making Policy Choices...

Your policy will commit to improving some of the issues of Sustainable Food. (Left Hand Navigation to locate Issues). You do not need to address all the issues. Choose those you believe your organisation can do something about. Your policy will set out, in broad terms, what you are going to do about these issues.

Do you remember the task you carried out in the review? What issues did you recommend? Did the employees' survey identify particular issues of concern?. Which of these can your organisation address? Use the site-map to locate Info about each of the Sustainable Food Issue to help you decide.

How much action will your policy commit to?
If the policy said: "Use only free-range eggs", this could put you in a position where the supply is occassionally limited or temporarily unavailable. Make sure you allow for these possibilities.

Examples of different levels of commitment include:

  • Purchase local grown seasonal vegetables where feasible
  • When possible we will use free-range eggs
  • We aim to provide beverages from Fair Trade Sources
  • We aim to supply GM free food
  • All our suppliers will be surveyed for guarantee of GM Free produce
  • We will use local produce from Certified Organic sources when available
  • We will investigate the feasibility of ..............
  • We will review our system every twelve months

Make sure that statements in your policy are general objectives: e.g. 'We will use produce from Certified Organic sources where feasible'

You will use these objectives to set targets later: e.g. 'Investigate all local suppliers and choose one within next 3 months'.

Task: List Issues to be included in the policy

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