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Sustainable Food Guide
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Making Local Food Work helps people to take ownership of their food and where it comes from by providing advice and support to community food enterprises across England.

Incredible Edible in Todmorden (EIT) West Yorkshire. Our visit to IET

Growing Milwaukee help provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities

The Fife Diet 'asks people to sign-up to eating food from Fife, for a year, monitor their progress and share their experience'.

Wholesome 'Local Symbol' Scheme promotes 'food production by sustainable, non-polluting methods'.

Local Food Company becomes Green Business of the Year

Year of Food & Farming Megamap is designed to 'help schools make connections with local inititiatives'. Find your local initiatives.

Common Ground Stand up for your place..and Apply Day

Food miles Calculator

British Food Fortnight

Farmers Markets (National Association of)

Big Barn - local producers by post code

Sustain - Food Miles Campaign

Local Food Works - gateway to local food networks

Foundation for Local Food Initiatives

Eat the View - Where to buy local produce

AgriFood Network on 'Localism'

SAOS Coperating Enterprises

Rose Bridger's West Yorkshire Local Food Chains


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Landshare Linking people who want to grow their own food to the space where they can do it.

Dilemma of "Flower Miles" examines the growing conflicts between going local for food and its effect on trade internationally.


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