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Sustainable Food Guide
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This could be for any staff involved in food chain..Work with groups wherever possible, encouraging discussion about people's own experience with food..


1. Everybody introduce themselves, saying what they had for breakfast and why

2. Outline Aims of Sustainable Food Seminar

3. Discuss Definitions of Sustainable Food

4. Identify where each person is in the food chain

In Groups

1. Attitude &/or

2. Concern Survey

With Internet Computer

1. Quick Tour

2. Choose an Issue from left hand nav, and determine priority for action related with it

3. Use this priority and take steps along top menu bar -through Review, Policy and Set a Target for your work area.


Discuss: "What should we do next?" (You may like to try SF Awareness Programme)

"Were the aims of the seminar met?"

"What improvements can be made to the seminar?"

"Who will you Report back to - and what will you say?"..

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