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Sustainable Food Guide
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The Sustainable Food Guide is for anybody at work to influence the food produced or consumed by their organisation.

Too often all the issues about food and sustainability are put upon individual consumers to somehow sort out the mix of issues involved. Instead of acting as individuals, we can also act together, when we can have greater influence over a wider range of issues.

As citizens we may have a conscience but as consumers our pockets come first. People in organisations can influence more than individual consumers. We can use the extra power bulk purchasing provides to promote more sustainable food.

The SF Guide sets out an easy way to look and assess issues of sustainable food in order to determine that they can do to influence progress. The SFG sets out main issues about sustainable food, where you can find information about existing standards, plan what you - and others, can do and link to other releveant sources. In this way you can see where you fit into the wider food chain, and what others could do. Once you have decided what you and your organisation can do, you can also start asking questions as to what others could do.

There are no absolutes, kitemarks, logos, nor certificates for sustainable food. The idea of this Guide is to go beyond the minimum requirements of law - which stop the worst excesses but do not promote the best practices. Hence we look at existing laws, standards or guidlelines before planning what to do.

Try this quick tour of the SFGuide, determine where you fit in, and see what you can do...


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