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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Food and Climate Change Links...

Agriculture & GHGs

Stern Report Appendiz 7g

Rural Climate Change Forum

FCRN (Food Climate Research Network) Presentation on Food & GHGs

Climate Change & Agricultural Research, Warwick Univeristy

Agriculture Industries and Climate from ClimateBiz

Greenpeace Cool Farming

Climate Change at Work

Carbon Trust

Climate Change impacts on Food

Eldis Gateway to Development Information

Common Dreams Center - Wulf Killman, chairman of the UN food and agriculture organization's climate change group said in June 2005 that one in six countries are facing starvation due to climate change.

Food Production impacts on Climate Change

Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) & Climate Change

Institute of Science in Society with carbon calculator

Emissions Reductions from Agriculture

AgCert produces and sells agriculturally derived Greenhouse-gas emissions reductions (ERs)

Nitrogen everywhere

International Nitrogen Initiative

Carbon Counter for Fruit & Vegetables from Covent Garden Consultants


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