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The wholesale nationalisation of land has been proposed as the answer for several hundred years. A major proponent was Alfred Russel Wallace, who co-founded with Charles Darwin the theory of evolution by natural selection.

"It is intended to demonstrate by a sufficient, though condensed, body of evidence, the widespread and crying evils – political, social, material, and moral – which are not only the actual, but the necessary results of the system of Landlordism, while at the same time it shows, by a complementary series of facts, that a properly guarded system of Occupying Ownership under the State would afford a complete remedy for the evils this.

In the second place, it demonstrates that the proposed solution is a practicable one, by explaining in detail how the change may be effected with no real injury to existing landowners , and also how the scheme will actually work without producing any one of the evil results generally thought ot be inseparable from a system of land-nationalisation"

Alfred  Russel Wallace

Land Nationalisation

Many great thinkers think similarly

What famous people have said about "the Land Question". Georgism

Land Nationalisation

The pattern and natureof land ownershio has changed little in last 30 years, althought there has been more pressure of land for urbanisation, and land agric prices over last 5 years have....


Organised by Cannel 4 the idea is that those people with land, but not doing anything with it, off er it to those who do want to do something, but have no land. You could be a landowner, grower or helper, when you Post a listing to tell others where you are and what you are offering or looking fand when you Get responses use their mail system to receive and send messages and Have a chat and see what happens...


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