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Sustainable Food Guide
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This programme uses the new technologies to develop ways of looking at and improving food provision in a sustainable way. The top menu helps you do things at work, while the left hand navigation covers most of the issues involved.

Educational Navigation
The left hand navigation relates to the topics you need to consider. Each has a series of screens to help you get to grips with the topics. You will follow through from about the Issue, find out Information about standards, develop a plan and then link to other appropriate sources on the web. To help you there is a navigation bar to follow:

issue informationplanlinks

Vocational Navigation
The top navigation is a "quality" system, starts with review and your work your way along through target setting and promotion. There are links to tasks for managers to implement a system, skilled workers and other staff to help you commitment and involve other people at work.

Learning Support
The drop down menu >>SUPPORT contains the basic help tools you may need wherever you are in the programme e.g. search engine, glossary, a quick tour and the outline of a seminar .

Throughout the programme you will find links to other sources of information on the web. These external web sites open in a seperate window for you to access. Close the window to return to the Sustainable Food Guide.

Pop up boxes
We have included some screens that 'pop-up' these contain either a table or information you may like to keep on view, or for quick tips. These 'pop-ups' have scroll bars and maximise and minimise facilities for your convenience. To exit 'pop-ups' you may either close the window or use the close this window instruction.

We have built in a quiz and various "submit" buttons for you to complete (eg Food Pledge) There are also special features about Food Scares, Composting and other issues you may want to know more about.

If you have any questions relating to the use of the programme or suggestions for improvement please email us. We would also be grateful if you would notify us of any links that don't work so that we can quickly rectify this.

You can copy (Control C) and paste (Control V) useful pieces, and you can "bookmark/favourite" any pages you want to return to. e.g to come back to this page go to "Bookmarks" or "Favourites" in your browser, so that you can come back here.

NB: This programme contains details of, and hyperlinks to, external sources of further information, however such inclusion does not imply recommendation or endorsement by EP@W whatsoever. EP@W cannot be held responsible for the contents of any pages or screens sourced by external hyperlinks through the use of the EPaW Website and the EPaW Sustainable Food Guide. Please ensure you have read the copyright and disclaimer before progressing, thank you.

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